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5 Best Types of Baby Carrier 2020 | Babyery

by Uchenna Anene 26 Apr 2020

 Planning to get a baby carrier for your toddler? Here is everything you need to know. 

Babywearing is quite practical and beneficial. It not only helps strengthen the bond between parent and baby but also gives your baby the feeling of being in the womb. 

Below is a quick guide to selecting the right type of carrier for your toddler

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Baby Carrier

There are so many carriers available in the market; selecting one may seem a daunting task. 

Consider the following to make the decision easier: 


The carrier should be comfortable for your baby. Check whether it has interior padding for your baby’s lumbar support. 


 The child carrier must have ample head support because the head and neck of a baby have no control. Padded headsets are the best choice. 


Baby carriers are made from either natural or synthetic fabric to ensure strength, comfort, and breathability. Lightweight fabrics, such as cotton or polyester, are best for warmer weather. However, heavy knits are suitable for colder temperatures. 


It should be easy for you to fasten and undo straps. Ergonomic buckles are recommended as they allow you to adjust the length as your toddler grows. 

Robust straps:

Straps should be comfortable on your shoulders and able to bear the weight of your baby. Make sure straps offer a sense of security. 


An attachable hood comes in handy to cover your baby when they are sleeping. Make sure it can be tucked away when not in use. 

Waist belt:

The belt is essential as it ensures that the baby’s weight is evenly distributed across your lumbar. 

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5 Types of Baby Carriers to Choose From 

Let us make it easy for you. 

There are five types of carriers that you can choose from: Wraps, Ring sling, Soft-structured carriers, Meh Tai carriers, and Backpack carriers

1. Baby Wraps

Newborn Breathable Beach Water Sling Summer Wrap - Babyery

It is a long rectangular piece of fabric that you wrap around your body and your baby to make a carrier. You’ll have to tie loose ends, and a snug, secure place for your baby is ready. 
They are best for newborns who have no head control. New moms often opt for baby wraps as they are easily adjustable and are great for breastfeeding. 
You can find a variety of wraps, including stretchy and woven wraps. Stretchy wraps are made of elastic fiber like knit jerseys while woven wraps are made of wool, cotton, hemp, or linen. The former is best for newborns while the latter is recommended for older kids. 

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+  Wearable in a variety of positions: in front, on back, or hip. 
+  Great choice for newborns and toddlers. 
+  Available in a variety of styles and fabrics including, cotton, linen, knit jersey.  
+  Allows baby to rest in natural M-position. 
Doesn’t cause back pain or stress on shoulders. Evenly distributes weight. 


-  Beginners may find it a little hard to use wraps. 
-  It may become too hot for some parents to wear an additional layer of clothing.

2. Baby Sling

Seat Belt Waist Stool Sling For Newborns - Babyery

Like wraps, the ring sling is also a long piece of cloth but has two rings at one end. The fabric is usually breathable, soft, and allergen-free.  
New moms love baby slings because of the loose fit and safety they provide. They set your arms free to complete other tasks while keeping the baby close to you. 
Sling provides a lightweight and easy carrier to transport your baby, and you can customize the carrying position-on front or hip. Baby slings are easy to wear and remove. 
You need to fasten it by threading the free end through one ring, then tucking it under the other ring. This feature allows you to adjust it to your body to create the perfect snuggle for your toddler. 

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Newborn ready. An excellent choice for beginners. 
With ring sling, you can carry the baby in front of you or on your hips. 
Easy to use and highly adjustable
Best for breastfeeding. 
+  Available in a variety of colors and fabrics, including linen, cotton, or luxurious  silk. 


 May cause breathing problems for the baby if not positioned properly. 
 Not suitable for long term use. It may cause shoulder pain. 
-  Not recommended for people who have shoulder pain or backache. 

3. Soft Structured Carrier / Buckle Carrier 

Brand New Comfy Baby Carrier Wrap - Babery

Structured carriers are designed for babies who are 4 - 5 months old and have better neck and head control. You can wear these child carriers on the front, hips, or back - either way it is safe and comfortable. 
These carriers provide more ergonomic support to both the baby and parent. Compared to wraps and slings, structured carriers distribute weight more evenly, making them ideal for long shopping hours and evening walks. 
The baby carriers come with straps that you wrap around your shoulders and buckles that go around your waist and back. Put the baby on the carrier, buckle it, adjust the straps, it’s that easy to use this carrier. 

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+  User-friendly carrier that doesn’t require tying and is highly flexible. 
+  Comes with adjustable padded shoulder straps and waistband, allowing you to find the most ergonomic fit.
+  Evenly distribute baby’s weight across your body while offering your baby a healthy (M shape) position. 
+  You can either use it as a front baby carrier or on back and hips. 


-  Not recommended for newborns as they don’t conform strictly to the baby like a wrap or sling. 
-  Buckle carriers can come quite pricy. They are more expensive than wraps and ring slings. 

4. Meh Tai (Meh Di) Carriers

It combines the features of the baby wrap and buckle carrier. Though Meh Tai looks similar to buckle carriers, it uses long fabric pieces that you tie around your body. They typically have a square body that comes with broad shoulder straps and waist straps to offer a secure sitting position. 
Parents have to tie this child carrier around their waist, while it offers multiple sitting positions - front, hip, and back. Most models of Mei Tai are suitable for up to 6 months old toddlers. However, a few are designed for newborns as well.

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+  Highly adjustable, allowing you to wear it on your front, back, or hip. 
+  Comes with two shoulder straps and a strap to tie around your waist for equal weight distribution. 
+  Some models feature padded straps, making it less painful for your shoulders when carrying the baby. 


It takes time and practice to learn how to wear it appropriately. 

5. Backpack Baby Carriers

Adjustable 4 Positions 3D Baby Carrier Backpack - Babyery

            Backpacks are one of the best baby carriers designed for children who can sit without any assistance and have good neck and head control. They are a fantastic choice for hiking, vacation, sight-seeing, long shopping hours, and more. 

            Backpack baby carriers have a framed seat, allowing the baby to stay in a sitting position. And they have straps that go over your shoulders. They have a range of framing options from lightweight to heavy frames. The lightweight carriers have fewer framing elements, while bulky carriers have heavy framing, such as additional reinforcement to buckles and bars. 

            These child carriers often come with other options such as pouches, side pockets, and clips for storage. They are extremely durable, more rugged, and have excellent support for long term babywearing. Moreover, they can accommodate more weight than other types of carriers. 

            However, it can be challenging to fit them into a diaper bag.  

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            +  Best to carry the baby for longer periods, such as during hiking or long walks. 

            +  Comes with adjustable torso length and padded shoulder straps for a comfortable fit.  

            +  Additional straps to fasten around your chest and waist for even weight distribution, 

            +  Comes with storage pouches to keep small accessories like toys.

            +  Allows the kids to explore surroundings.


            -  Bulky than other types of carriers. 

            -  It doesn’t fold up compactly. 

            -  Its heavy frame may strain your back. 

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